Critiques by Competitors

Springfree Trampoline has a winning reputation with consumers. Our design is the recipient of Product of the Year USA 2010, Product of the Year Canada 2010 and the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval.

We are committed to honest and truthful sales and marketing practices. As such, we don’t refer to our competitors by name or review their products without support and data from independent trampoline safety research

However, customers have reached out to us regarding a video produced by a competitor addressing some of our patented safety features.

Here we’ve clarified the claims made in the video:

  1. Can the rods overlap and 'pinch' or trap someone?
  2. Can a jumper hit the ground even though there's a net?
  3. Does the Springfree Trampoline twist?

 1: Can the rods overlap and 'pinch' or trap someone?

A competitor video shows an adult male jumper landing with extreme force on the SoftEdge™ mat and consequently snapping a carrot between two rods.

After many years of the product being in the market and hundreds of thousands of sales, we have never heard of this scenario. It is highly unlikely it would occur in normal backyard use. Nevertheless, we initiated independent third party testing to assure parents there is no pinch risk presented in the Springfree Trampoline design.

For more information read the Spring Rod Deflection Test Report 2010.

 2: Can a jumper hit the ground even though there's a net?

Also demonstrated in the competitor video is the full collapse of the Springfree Trampoline FlexiNet™ enclosure. This video shows an adult male, jumping into the top of the enclosure at a high speed, with the jumper being subsequently lowered to the ground.

An adult jumper may be able to hit the ground – if they purposely attempt to do so.

In the case of severe misuse, as demonstrated in the video, the FlexiNet will still absorb the jumper’s body weight and slowly lower them to the ground, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

For more information read the Enclosure Net Test Report 2010.

 3: Does the Springfree Trampoline twist?

When looking at a Springfree Trampoline it may appear as though the rods create a twisting motion when in use. What you’re actually seeing is the rods moving inward and outward to create the bounce.

Technically speaking, rotational movement occurs at four points on the mat edge (roughly in line with the mat weave). This movement is undetectable in regular use. At the remaining points across the weave, there is no rotational movement.