The Power of Jumping for Sensory Seeking Children

Mar 19, 2014

Sensory seeking children frequently experience sensory cravings, where they simply can’t get enough of anything. They are constantly searching for ways to stimulate their nervous systems and this can affect their attention span and ability to focus, and can cause problems staying calm or sleeping at night.

My daughter Andrea has had sensory cravings since she was around two years old. She frequently craves deep pressure, like big squeeze hugs, hard rubs to her feet, sleeping with heavy, weighted blankets, and jumping. Andrea went through a year of behavioral therapy and we learned about ways that we could help her with her deep pressure sensory cravings. One of those ways was with the regular use of a trampoline.

Jumping up and down on a trampoline is an effective and fun way to cure a deep sensory craving. By doing this a couple times a day it helps to give the input she needs, allowing Andrea to calm down and focus.

Our first outdoor trampoline was spring-based trampoline from a local retail store. It had a dangerous mat around the springs and a thin enclosure net. 

Broken Spring-Based Trampoline

This is a picture of our trampoline just a year and a half after purchasing it. It had holes in the mat and the enclosure net ripping away from the support bars, making the trampoline extremely dangerous.

We knew that Andrea needed something safer, something built to last and a trampoline that would grow with her to help with her sensory cravings. 

Andrea on her Springfree Trampoline

Last summer, we got the opportunity to replace our old spring-based trampoline with a Springfree Trampoline. We were happy to know that we were giving Andrea a safe place to satisfy her sensory cravings.

Our lives have definitely been changed with our Springfree Trampoline being a part of Andrea’s therapy and sensory needs. 


Author: Amanda West

Blog: Mommy of Two Little Monkeys


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