We've taken a fun spin on two breakfast favourites: eggs and toast! We like to call it the Egg in a Hole. 


cookie cutters (any shape you want!)

frying pan

butter knife

Ingredients (for one serving):

1 egg

1 bread slice



The first thing you'll want to do is pick out a fun cookie cutter shape. We used a Maple Leaf and a circle! Be advised that once the egg is cooking in the cookie cutter "hole" the shape doesn't really hold, but it's fun to make the shape in the bread anyways! 

Turn your stovetop on to medium heat and place your frying pan on the element so it heats up a bit. Take your bread slice and use the cookie cutter to cut out the centre of the bread. Spread a bit of butter on each side of the bread slice and place it into the centre of your frying pan. Next - as quick as you can since the bread will start to toast - crack an egg into the "hole" in the bread. 

Note: you may want to crack the egg into a bowl first and remove some of the egg white so it doesn't overflow in the bread hole!

Let it sit for a few minutes until the bottom of the bread begins to look brown and the egg begins to look cooked! Once the bottom is looking cooked, flip it over and do the same for the other side. Once both sides are brown and the egg is cooked, turn the stovetop off, put your Egg in a Hole on a plate and ENJOY! 

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