Jumpstart Your Day: Apple Chips

We shared this recipe idea on our Facebook page a few months ago and it was a hit with our fans! We decided it give it a try ourselves and make these delicious Apple Chips. 


1 cutting board

1 sharp knife (be careful!)

1 large bowl

1 baking sheet

parchment paper


apples! (as many and whichever kind you'd like. we used 2 Granny Smith & 2 Pink Lady apples)




This recipe is really simple to prepare but takes a bit of time to bake in the oven.

First, turn your oven up to 200F degrees. Take out your cutting board and knife and cut the apples lengthwise into very thin slices. Place all of your apple slices into your bowl and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar (as much or as little as you'd like) over top of the apples. You can mix it all together with your hands to make sure the cinnamon and sugar are on all of your apple slices!

Grab your baking sheet and put a piece of parchment paper over top of it. Lay your apple slices out on the baking sheet so that none of them are laying over top of each other. If you are making a lot of these Apple Chips you may require another baking sheet! You can now place them all in the oven.

After about one hour, take them out and flip all of the apple slices - you'll see that they are beginning to dry out. Put them back into the oven and wait another one hour. After these two hours of baking turn the oven off and let them sit inside the oven as it cools down for another hour. They should be crunchy by now! If they don't appear to be ready, you can leave them in the oven for another half hour or so. Enjoy! 

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