Post-Jump Snack: PB & J Pizza

Kids love pizza, it’s just a fact! Why not let them create their own delicious slice of pizza using healthy ingredients? We created two funky pizzas that is a sweet post-jump snack for your kids! The beauty of these pizzas is that you and your kids will have fun making it and even more fun eating it. The combinations of toppings are endless!  Want to know how we made our fun and fruity pizza slices? Take a look!







2 small tortilla wraps

peanut butter OR Nutella

jam (you pick the flavour! we used strawberry.)

shredded coconut

2 strawberries

1 banana

1 blackberry

Note: Feel free to use any type of fruit or berry you wish. Our ingredient list includes the types of fruit that we used this time around. Try putting out bowls full of the ingredients and let your little ones design their own pizza!


The directions for these yummy pizzas are quite simple. Each person should get one tortilla wrap. Then, you may choose to spread either peanut butter or Nutella (or both!) across the wrap. Now your creativity comes into play! Design the pizzas however you’d like. Make a face out of jam like we did, or simply top it with cut fruit and sprinkle shredded coconut over the surface of the wrap. 

Did you create this snack at home? Share photos of your kids’ unique creations with us!

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