Mason jars are a FANTASTIC way of preparing, organizing and transporting snacks. We’ve put together three of our favourite snacks for after jumping that you can try at home! They are so easy to put together and the air tight jar keeps them fresher longer.

Our first mason jar snack is a classic combination - veggies & dip. Simply spoon whichever dip you prefer (we used ranch) into the bottom of the jar about an inch high. Next, cut celery and cucumber into pieces that will fit nicely into the jar and place them as well as some baby carrots inside. Note: we used celery, cucumbers and carrots but you could also use other veggies such as peppers for this snack as well.

The second snack idea is one of our personal favourites, a yogurt parfait! We recommend using vanilla yogurt but you can use any flavour yogurt you wish. Grab your mason jar and spoon about a half an inch of yogurt into the bottom. Next, pour another half inch of granola into the mason jar and top that off with some blackberries and chopped strawberries (you can use blueberries or raspberries too!). Repeat these steps as many times as it takes to fill up your jar and voila! Get ready to enjoy a delicious parfait. 

This last mason jar snack is VERY easy and takes basically no preparation! Follow these three simple steps:

1) pop a bag of popcorn in your microwave

2) fill your mason jar with popped popcorn

3) fasten the lid!

How easy was that?! This is a great way to manage portion control and store popcorn for later.


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