This week, Springfree Trampoline made an appearance on The Doctors, a CBS medical talk show.

Our R79 Medium Round 10 ft trampoline was set up outside The Doctors studio in California, where Dr. Jim Sears – the show’s resident pediatrician – jumped on the world’s safest trampoline!

If you missed our appearance, click to watch Dr. Sears jumping on a Springfree Trampoline while explaining trampoline safety rules. He’s one talented multi-tasker!

Dr. Sears raves about the cool features of the Springfree Trampoline, including our trampoline frame underneath the jumping surface and the soft trampoline net that keeps you from falling off. He concludes that Springfree is a “much, much safer trampoline”.

Trampoline safety is an important issue as 100,000 kids in North America are sent to hospitals every year from trampoline injuries.

Dr. Sears and Dr. Travis Stork shared some important trampoline rules for safe jumping:

  • One jumper at a time: Multiple jumpers increase the risk of injury from collision. Statistics show that with more than one jumper at a time, the smaller jumpers are almost always the one sustaining an injury.
  • Recommended for children older than 6: All jumpers should be in full control of their body movements.
  • Parent supervision at all times: Parents, your trampoline is not a babysitter! Ensure that there is a responsible adult supervising the jumper.

What safety rules do you follow to ensure safe jumping in your backyard?

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