How to protect your trampoline during Hurricane Isaac

Aug 27, 2012

As Hurricane Isaac approaches the Gulf coast, we want to provide some tips on how to protect your Springfree Trampoline during inclement weather. In a storm, wind can pick up the trampoline mat and carry it away, posing a danger to families. First and foremost, assess the situation. If you anticipate severe and extreme weather, the trampoline should be moved to a sheltered location or disassembled.


If time allows and it is safe to go outside, follow these tips to keep your Springfree safe in inclement weather: Collapse the FlexiNet. Remove the white C-clips and pull the net rod out of the socket. This takes less than 10 minutes to do and will prevent your net rods from catching high wind. Secure the frame. You can use sandbags or a generic anchor kit from a hardware store to ensure your trampoline will stay put in a hurricane. We also sell a trampoline anchor made specifically for your Springfree. If you live in an area prone to high winds, it may be advisable to keep them on hand. Remember, trampolines that are not properly anchored have the potential to move and become airborne during severe weather. Stay safe by taking preventative measures. Watch our videos: Like us on Facebook for exclusive content. Follow us on Twitter @springfree to chat with our team.




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