Last Christmas - Springfree Remix

It’s Friday again! Time for yet another, Springfree remix of a Holiday favourite! This week we have chosen to re-write Last Christmas and we’ve grabbed our two very talented guitar playing Web Developers Saugar and AJ to sing and play for us! Check out Last Christmas – Springfree Remix to see the video!

If you want to sing along, below are the lyrics:

Last Christmas
I bought you a tramp
It was traditional
And is now in the dump
This year, I got you Springfree
Cuz I care about your safety

Last Christmas,
I bought you a tramp
it was an el-cheapo,
So it had to go
this year, to save you from tears
I’m giving you a Springfree

Once I fell and then cried
I keep my distance , I didn’t want to die
That el-cheapo, it was so horrible,
Well it’s been a year, they suggest Springfree

Merry Christmas!

I set it up and loved it
with a net keeping me inside so safely
now I know what a fool I’ve been
so if I bounce right now, I’ll never get hurt again
(Oooh. Oooh Baby)

In New Zealand, that’s where it began
A great professor, he’s a kiwi man,
His wife said ain’t no way!
A trampoline in my house
No! I will not have that thing in my backyard
He went to the workshop and he started to think
a man engineering a safe trampoline
Oooh Oooh
He made a Springfree it’ll never hurt them at all

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays all!!


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