All I want for Christmas... is Springfree... a Trampoline that is

All I want for Christmas… is Springfree..(a Trampoline that is)


I was looking through some of our previous blog posts and I had to share this one again because nothing gets you more in the christmas spirit than with some good ole carols – Springfree Style.

This is what you get when you take a great product, someone with jetlag (our marketing director), and an unfortunate tendency to ‘personalise’ musical choruses….

A completely cheesy Springfree Trampoline Christmas.

So we thought we’d share these stunning gems with you – enjoy/ cringe and Sing-a-long!

Tune: Last Christmas I gave you my heart…

Last Christmas, I bought you a tramp,
It was an el-cheapo, and is now in the dump,
This time I give you Springfree,
The safest thing you could get from me

Tune: All I want for Christmas is you

I don’t want to much this Christmas,
There is just one thing I need,
I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree,
All I was is safety first, so my kids don’t need a hearse,
All I want for me, all I want for Christmas….

Tune: Silent Night

Silent Springfree,
Safe Springfree,
Reduces the risk, the risk for me,
It’s safety net redirects, wayward jumpers from the edge,
Keeps the kids in one piece, keeps the kids in one piece

Right, back to work …


P.S Feel Free to send in your Springfree Christmas Carol for all to sing. We love a Springfree Christmas!

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