Keeping the kids safe outside and inside the home

Nov 03, 2010

Springfree™ Trampoline has been working tirelessly for the past 6 years make parents aware of the dangers of traditional spring-based trampolines in a bid to keep our little treasures safe.

But it’s also just as important to keep them safe inside the home. The QLD government has today released a great DVD to let parents know about the potential dangers of furniture.

The DVD called “Climb, Tumble, fall – Steps to Furniture Safety” can be viewed here

They also provide some great tips for parents:

  • Large TV’s should be fastened to a wall or placed far enough back on the furniture to ensure they’re out of reach to small children
  • Keep electrical cords out of child’s reach
  • Discourage children from climbing, jumping (leave this to the Springfree™ Trampoline;) or playing on furniture
  • Place items of interest – such as bottles and toys – within easy reach to discourage climbing.

Kidsafe always do a great job in advocating preventable injuries for kids and you can find loads of info here

What other tips do you have to keep your kids safe when it comes to furniture?



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