Tips for balancing all aspects of life and making in work!

Leanne, Springfree™ Trampoline’s Young Manager of the Year has had a big year. We all joined her on her pregnancy journey, giving birth to her beautiful little man Lewis. But if adapting to motherhood isn’t hard enough, she did this whilst completing her final exams for university.

So let’s just re-cap. In 2010 Leanne worked full-time receiving huge accolades for her professional life, had a baby and completed her 4-year university degree, graduating on Friday.

So let me just say a HUGE congratulation to Leanne from all of us here at Springfree™ Trampoline :)

She is the one in the middle.


The Springfree™ Trampoline office has a number of working mothers, juggling career commitments and motherhood AND importantly making it work. So how do they do it?

Leanne (Finance Manager):

I don’t drink Caffeine so that’s not the answer…. Here are her tips:

  • Get organized the night before. Wash your hair the night before, don’t change into your work clothes before bub is fed and clean (changing last minute can slow you down)
  • Use the simple pleasures in life to make yourself good about the hectic life you have – change into PJ’s when you get home so at least your comfy!!
  • Have a cup of tea, watch a movie while you fold the washing, take the opportunity for two hands when your husband offers!


Simone (Consultant): You have to have patience, flexibility and an understanding family. Only do what you can cope with, and leave the stuff that does not have to be done immediately.

Sophie (Marketing Team Leader):

  • Being organized is absolutely essential to keep on top of things. – Number 1 rule!!!
  • Always make time for my children everyday………………..even if it is as simple as playing peek a boo with my 9 month old, reading stories, or going for a walk round the block while my eldest rides her bike. 10minutes makes such a huge difference and all it takes.
  • Be accepting of the circumstances you find yourself in. Don’t fight it or get upset because things may not be as easy as you thought they would be. (Example at my place is a clean house J)
  • Having a support network helps, my girlfriends and family who all have or have had children and work are so amazing.
  • Be honest with those you work with. If work supports you and what you’re trying to achieve then half your challenge is already complete.
  • I have a husband who supports my Career and is a terrific sounding board when the days are tough. He is very logical where I can be very emotional.


A great read (if you have the time):

Working Mother’s Survival Guide

Melissa Doyle and Jo Scard

The Working Mother’s Survival Guide is a must-have resource for all new mothers who want or need to continue working after their baby is born. It’s packed with essential information and advice on everything you need to know from pre-conception to returning to work to help you get through this amazing but challenging time.

How to manage your work commitments and family life?

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