We have a Springfree song thanks to “The Brother’s Streep”

I’m so excited, and definitely can’t hide it. We have a song. The Trampoline Song.

This excites me because I’m on a tough mission to make the safe trampoline cool, and yes, that’s a Springfree™ Trampoline.

A little bit of background, we’ve been chatting with a couple of super guys from South Africa, called the Brother’s Streep.

This is the boys

Introducing the Brother's Streep

Basically they’re comedy song writers – they wrote a hilarious song about Anna Paquin and even got to sing it to her on the BBC on The Graham Norton show. Definately worth a look!

I loved it so much, I gave them a call. We eventually ended up chatting about trampolines (safe Springfree™ ones of course), and Dylan, Simon and the rest of the boys wrote a trampoline song. We totally loved it, and decided to help them out by supporting their trip to the Edinburgh comedy festival. (They have just arrived in London, and we’ll of course show performing pictures).

We loved the trampoline song, but we were even more excited when the boys did a special Springfree version just for us! We should have it soon… but in the meantime we’re going to keep being excited that there’s an actual song, about jumping on trampolines!

The guys will be performing The Trampoline Song as part of their set over the next couple of weeks – AND will have a Springfree™ Trampoline on stage when they’re singing it! Yeah!!

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