My Saucy Story

Hi, this is Richard – one of the newest staff members here at Springfree™ Trampoline in Toronto. I’m also new to Canada, having moved here at the end of 2009 from England.

We have a very international team here at the office with staff from all over the world working together to make the Springfree™ Trampoline as great as it is and I’m sure they or anyone who has left home will tell you every now and again the dreaded homesickness is bound to strike. It can often be the smallest thing that sets you off and in my case there is only one cure….FOOD!

Yesterday was one such day and my mind immediately wandered to thoughts of grilled chicken from my favourite restaurant back home and in particularly their delicious Peri-Peri sauce I would smother all over my plate. It never failed to disappoint.

I knew it was sold at my local supermarket so after I finished up at the office I headed off on a mission to stock up. It wasn’t long before I stood in front my beloved bottles of sauce on the shelf. Without hesitation I grabbed 2 and placed them in the basket with the rest of my groceries. As I rode the bus back to my apartment I was lost in a daydream of the little taste of home that awaited me.

2 saucy

What I didn’t expect to be waiting for me was the funniest coincidence I’ve experienced in a long time. Sitting outside my building was a car, not just any car but a car with this registration plate:

I just had to snap that picture on my phone. I was smiling all the way up on the elevator and better still, I didn’t feel homesick anymore.

As for my meal that night, it would be safe to say my plate was a little “2 SAUCY”.

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