Do you have a recurring dream?

Dreams… I love them! Dreaming I’m sitting on a secluded beach reading a good thriller with no sense of time.

Well to be completely honest I have never had that dream but it does sound good! Rather I have a re-occurring dream that I’ve have had since I can remember and continue to have.

Its sound weird but stick with me here… It involves me fishing at night alone as a little girl on a cracked black river bank. An old red fibreglass boat drives past me when a fisherman on the boat cast’s his line directly at me. (This is where it get’s really weird) The ball that floats on the water (sort of like a red and white ping-pong ball) to show when a fish is hooked, gets stuck in my ear. (I warned you it was weird!) My dream then goes on to me at the hospital and getting it removed.

They say all dreams mean something and I’ve always been interested to find out the philosophy behind my strange dream.

Professor Drew Dawson from the Centre for Sleep Research at the University of South Australia said that dreaming could be a vital mental tool for sorting and filing information and discarding what’s not needed.

Hmm… I wonder what’s important about a fish floaty in my ear.

Anyway he also shares some other facts about dreaming that I find fascinating and wanted to share:

  • Many think that dream sleeping also known as rapid eye movement sleep is the deepest stage of sleep, but it’s not. The moments before the dream are when you’re in a nice deep sleep.
  • The Brainwaves when you’re sleeping are similar to your brain waves when you’re awake.
  • Some scientists believe dreaming is an evolutionary survival mechanism, designed to keep our brains alert.

Do you have any re-occurring dreams? Or have you ever had your dreams analysed?

Source: Daily Telegraph

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