I’ve just returned from a girlie trip in Melbourne with my mum, my sister and her 7 month old daughter Tia.

Travelling with an infant we tried to avoid getting taxi’s as much as possible but there were situations when it just couldn’t be avoided.

To be completely honest, I never once thought about how babies travel in Taxi’s, I just assumed you could order cabs with restraints installed.

I was surprised to say the least when I discovered that child restraints were not mandatory and all you had to do was hold on to your infant when travelling.

Working for an innovative company where we have taken a 70 year old design, spent millions of dollars in research to come up with a Trampoline design that keeps your kids safe and ‘prevent’ injury, I am shocked that a public system so old in tradition is yet take the same type of initiative.

The Taxi industry is against the idea of mandatory restraints, saying that shared devices would be disease carriers that would put children’s health at risk.

Kidsafe Victoria President Mark Stokes called for a trail of overhead lockers in cabs to hold child safety devices as a solution.

What do you think about the making restraints mandatory? Have you ever had a bad experience in a cab with your children?

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