Are your kids over-eating on the wrong foods after school?

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Research shows that kids aged 5 – 8 are hungry little vegemite’s after school but they are eating too much of the ‘wrong’ foods.

The research studied the habits of children both during and after school, revealing kids are indulging in processed, carbohydrate rich foods after school such as biscuits, cereal bars and confectionery to which 60 % is sugars, 30% is fat.

Such highly processed foods are also digested rapidly, leaving kids vulnerable to energy fluctuations and overeating.

Essential Baby ( interviewed Specialist Obesity Dietitian from The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Susie Burrell and she had some great advice.

“Consumption of such highly processed, non-nutritious foods means that children are missing out on key nutrients, are unlikely to be kept full and more likely to overeat during the after school period and then eat poorly at dinner time,” said Ms Burrell.

“While it is normal for growing children to be hungry after school, it is important for parents to remember that after school snacks for children need to contain some positive nutritional properties such as protein, low GI, wholegrain carbohydrates and calcium.”

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead has put together a fact sheet with some healthy Snack Ideas for parents…

What’s on the menu at your house after school?

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