Parents who give more attention to their kids, the better they will turn out? Fact or Myth?

Well according to author and family therapist David Code, it’s today’s number one Myth.


His book (To Raise Happy Kids Put Your Marriage First) argues that parents who channel all their energy into their children are not only doing themselves a disservice but their offspring too.

He suggests that parents should channel their energy into being perfect spouses rather than perfect parents.

“Today’s number one myth about parenting is that the more attention we give our kids, the better they’ll turn out,” the Telegraph quoted Code as telling The Observer.

He said doing this makes for demanding and dissatisfied children.

What do you think? Every family, every child and every situation is different so do you think this comment is relevant to everyone?

Code said that the ‘greatest gift’ parents can give their children is to set them an example with a healthy, happy marriage

Would love to hear what you think about this advice?

Source: Courier Mail, May 14 2010, pg. 66

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