What do Mothers think of the new Parental Leave Scheme? Will it make life a little easier?

The Government yesterday released the draft legislation of Australia’s first-ever paid parental leave scheme, which see’s nearly every mother receive financial support in the months following the birth of their baby.


The scheme to pay parents the national minimum wage for more than four months is due to start on January 1 next year.

Women who have qualified for the government-funded scheme but resign no more than three months before having their baby will still be paid the minimum wage, currently $543.78 per week, for the full 18 weeks.

About 148,000 women are expected to qualify for the new scheme every year, delivering each family $9788.

A further 137,000 women who don’t qualify for the paid parental leave scheme will still receive the baby bonus, worth $5185.

What do you think of the Scheme?

Source: http://www.news.com.au/money/oh-baby-even-mums-who-quit-work-will-receive-parental-leave/story-e6frfmci-1225862283370

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