In a Far Away Land, Grandma can put the kids to bed……

Do your kids love bedtime stories from Grandma and Grandad? But do the Grand’s live afar?

Well ‘A Story Before Bed’ has the solution.

This website allows them to record audio and video of themselves reading children’s stories, synchronized to the pages of an on-screen book.

You can simply choose a story from their library and then record it using your webcam.


Seems easy enough but if your parents are anything like mine, just getting them to open the ‘Inbox’ can sometimes prove a little difficult.

Recording a bedtime story is free, and the service charges USD 6.99 if you want to save the recording and forward the story link to your family.

This is not only great for Grandparents but also parents who travel away for work. Nothing beats live story telling but hey it’s great to have the option up your sleave!

Do you think your family would use a website like this?

Watch a demo here

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