Mothers, do you need more ZZZZs?

Apr 28, 2010


Research conducted by Pampers Nappies Sleep Report in conjunction with Tresillian Family Care Centers has found that almost every mum with children aged under two-years-old has suffered sleep deprivation.

Not only does it make one irritable, but things often always seem just a little bit harder without a good night’s sleep. So what can mothers do?

The IBT Health website ( reckons the key is to immediately establish a predictable routine.

Professor Cathrine Fowler, spokeswoman for Tresillian said “One of the things that a parent can do to ensure their baby gets a decent amount of sleep is to check their environment is conducive for sleep – that includes ensuring you change their dirty nappy before they go to bed to avoid them waking with a leaking nappy,” she said.

“New mothers should try to establish a regular sleep pattern for their baby immediately as possible”, said Prof Fowler.

Other findings from the research include:

  • Lack of sleep is affecting mothers ability to enjoy quality time with their baby
  • A quarter of mothers with a child under two admitted a lack of sleep was making them feel unable to cope with life
  • One in three of the 1000 Mothers surveyed said sleep deprivation was putting a strain on their relationships.

Does this sound familiar? What tips do you have as mothers to get a good night’s sleep?

Source: Herald Sun, Tuesday April 27, Page 16.


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