The ‘meal time’ experience differs in all households. For some it can be an extremely stressful hour trying to make variety of healthy meals for three fussy kids. Sound familiar?

In a survey conducted by the Australia Institute of Sport and Nestle , 16 thousand Australian mums revealed widespread concern about their children’s diet and exercise levels.

Forty-Three per cent of the mothers said they tried to give their kids balanced diets but were finding it difficult. Ten Per Cent said that they were confused about what to serve up or couldn’t get their children to eat the healthy options.

The courier Mail gave some great tips by AIS Dietician, Greg Cox for feeding the family;

1. Plan your weekly meal

2. Keep pantry well-stocked

3. Involve the family in the cooking

4. Vegetables are important five serves for adults, a little less for children

5. Eat plenty of wholegrain including wholegrain wheat, brown rice, rye, unpearled barley and whole popping corn

6. Low-fat dairy foods are a great source of calcium

7. Present food to children in ways they find appealing

8. Make water the first option for mealtime drinks

What other tips do you have for mother alike?

Further more 36 per cent of mothers feared their kids weren’t getting enough physical activity. Ahmm… (Insert shame-less plug here) Springfree™ Trampoline! The only exercise that you can do in the convenience of your own backyard and you don’t have to bribe the kids to go jump! Quite the reverse actually, you will have to bribe them to come in at night for dinner. A healthy one of course


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