How do you control what your kids are doing on the Net?

As parents how do you control what your kids are seeing and listening to online? Of course one giant step in the right direction is putting the computer smack bang in the family living room but is that enough?

Well new software programs are now available to help control your kids online life a little easier. A small Queensland company has developed software that gives parents control over how much time children are spending on Facebook. EducateMe lets parents set a limit of unrestricted computer use each day. Once your child has used up that quota they can only access educational sites that the parents have nominated.

The website says ;

“Educate Me operates as a countdown timer, showing the time until the child will be logged off. The time can be increased in the following ways with vouchers for doing chores, music practice and sport, or by completing educational challenges and puzzles. The clock will also be paused while the child is completely focussed on something chosen by the parent as educational.”

Do you think this is something your family would benefit from?

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