Roaming through Woolworths last night, thinking of all the better things I could have been doing with my time (did I tell you I hate Grocery Shopping?) there was a little excitement in my Monday Shopping Routine. …The Easter egg aisle and the pure abundance of chocolate! That’s until I saw the price tag! All I craved was a small packet of chocolate eggs but couldn’t justify the price so I went with a small Choc block instead. Boring…

So it was no surprise to read the article in the Courier Mail explaining that the ingredients’ prices are at 20 to 30-year highs worldwide and manufacturers are passing the increases straight on to consumers.


As a result, popular treats, such as Red Tulip elegant rabbits have jumped 22 per cent in price – from $4.48 to $5.50, while Pink Lady bilbies have risen from $5.50 to $6.45 – a 17 per cent hike.

So there is no better time to get the kids in the kitchen and make your own Easter treats right? has some great ideas for DYI Easter including these divine chocolates.

What ideas does your family have to save a little this Easter?


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