Fiji or Heaven….

Mar 15, 2010


Our Surprise Engagement Dinner!

As most know I have just returned from heaven. Oh I mean Fiji. Parents I can not recommend the destination enough for a wonderful family holiday!  Everyone said Fijian’s love children but you don’t really realise it until your there.  I went to Fiji with my Boyfriend (came back with my Fiancé – yes I got engaged over there!!) and my sister and her husband and their 4 month old baby girl. We stayed at an Australian owned Island, Castaway Island ( and it was something from a postcard.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather and our days consisted of and only of…

  1. Sleeping
  2. Eating
  3. Reading

We made very good friends with a lady name Aseri, the Kids Club and Activities Coordinator.  She only had 20 kids at the time (off-peak) but she was telling us that they get up to 100 kids at one time!! After explaining what they got up to I even wanted to join the kids club.  They take them on day trips to Treasure Island, go frog hunting, teach them traditional Fijian song & dance and much more.  Sounds fun huh? We had such a great time; we have decided to get married at Castaway Island…. Oh until then….. On the way back home, we passed a little village and guess what I saw? I Springfree™ Trampoline!!!  I almost jumped out of my skin with excitement!  I tried to get a photo but the not-so-friendly bus driver wouldn’t turn around. Have you been to Fiji? Where do you recommend going with kids?



Find the right trampoline for your family.


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