There are so many fads in weight loss that it’s really hard to keep up, but when this little idea popped up in my inbox – I was tempted to try the Gruve way.


The Gruve Solution is a personalised piece of technology that you attach to any piece of clothing. It measures your activities and calories burnt throughout the day to ensure you are moving and ‘gruving’ enough to achieve your weight lose goals. If your not, it provides you with real-time feedback by flashing an indicator light indicating you’ve been un-active for too long.

The best thing about his device is that is it pesonalised. It measures every single movement you make throughout the day, keeping record of your metabolic progress against your pre-measured metabolism. Seems all rather technical I know!

I wonder what the Gruve would think of jumping on the Springfree™ Trampoline?

You then synchronise this with an online program that helps you monitor your progress over time.

Tempted? C heck out more information at

If you find any other cool ideas like this make sure you share them with us. As company we pride ourselves on innovation so we love hearing other innovative ideas other companies are doing to suit needs of customers.

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