And I’m off to Canada… UPDATE ONE

Big changes for this Kiwi who’s spent the last 5 years in Australia.


Little ol’ Springfree™ Trampoline is expanding quickly, and it’s now my new job to assist the team in our Head office in Toronto in developing programs for all our markets. We’re forging ahead quickly.

Of course Springfree™ Trampoline is looking after me amazingly well, but no matter what way you cut it when you move stuff is just different – fortunately it’s been different good/exciting! (The good thing is, I am half Canadian so have lots of friends and family here which makes integrating much easier).

So far the major change is driving…. wrong side of the road, in snow, in the dark, unsure of where I’m going…. all while in the work van. The wrap on it looks beautiful… but you cannot see out the back windows, period. (Last night the rear view mirror fell off, but it was irrelevant anyways!)

Regardless, venturing out all the same and experienced first highway drive last night… and so far fortunately for me, the vehicle and the citizens of Toronto – we’re all unscathed.

The parking space at my apartment is also ‘narrow’. Once in, the door can only opened max a foot. I litterally have to go on a diet to be able to exit my car with more ease! Or I could just ramp up my involvement in the Springfree Fun and Fitness Challenge…

Also enjoying grocery shopping. Yep, I’m a little pathetic. Many of you saw my fascination with the concept of ‘Chicken in a Can’ – well I spent 3 hours in the supermarket completely amazed at some of the weird stuff I found. Heaps of great choice too… but honestly…. Marshmallow whipped toast spread? Cinnamon spread? Prawns in a tin? Oh and even worse than Chicken in a can, Jellied Beef in a can. I am not game for that at all.

Now this store was the equivalent to Woolworths, next shop will be at the Supermarket by our work which is an International chain. From what I hear, there’s whole roasted ducks, eel, lots of sushi…. intresting.

Right, enough of my garble. A big shout out to our Aussie Team, miss interacting day to day – but always exciting to see the numbers, work, and team wins. And thanks to our Canadian office – everyone’s making me feel pretty welcome. Kristen

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