Valentines Day – sharing the money, oh I mean LOVE……


I received a phone call from my best friend last night complaining that her partner doesn’t what to think, plan or do anything special for Valentines Day. I wasn’t much help. I’m one of ‘those’ people that think Valentine’s Day is nice but hey lets not go crazy and blow the budget!

A simple card saying ‘I love you’ would do the trick for me but apparently I’m the minority. An article in the Herald Sun said that Blokes are under the pump to buy bigger and better to win over the modern day woman.

We are tipped to spend $867 million this year, up 2.7 per cent. Some lucky ladies will be whisked away on cosy get-a-ways, candlelight dinners, chocolate, clothes, lingerie and flowers.

And their must be a lot of lucky ladies out there because according IBIS WORLD this is how much we are spending!!

Get-a-ways $398.7m

Chocolate $279.2m

Clothes $67m

Jewellery $33.4m

Eating Out $29.8m

Cards $13.8m

What do you get up to on Valentines Day? Share the love here…..

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