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Buying fruits and vegetables give shoppers more enjoyment than buying chocolate.

In a recent study looking at 1000 consumers and their emotional attachment to certain items, found that healthy food products rated second on the pleasure stakes right behind holidays. That is for most shoppers except parents! The older generations and the youth of Australia both say they feel better about buying fresh produce than alcohol and snacks – yet parents say they get a real buzz out of buying candy.

The herald Sun made a great point. Parents are the first to bribe their kids into eating greens yet this study shows they are the first to get great pleasure in buying more unhealthy alternatives.

No surprise that toiletries were the least liked! I avoid that aisel at all costs if I can. Why is it that necessities always cost the most!

Let’s conduct our own little Springfree Study – What gives you the most pleasure when shopping? Experience or product related?

Here’s what some of our Springfree Trampoline staff had to say.

Tanya: I get the most pleasure in buying a good bottle of Wine!

Natalie: I’m not sure if it’s that I feel good when buying healthy food, rather I feel BAD buying unhealthy food..

Leanne: I feel great when I line up behind someone at the checkout counter and they are buying all processed foods and I have all fresh healthy food! Makes me feel good ;)

Nicky: I go crazy with Toiletries. I’m surprised that people don’t get pleasure out of new body products. I love it!


Source: American Express Psychology of Supermarket Spending Report.

Herald Sun. Mon 8 Page 13

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