Are Kids Losing the Art of Handwriting?


There is nothing more exciting for kids then getting your Pen License. Talking to a young man at our ‘Back to School’ Party on the weekend, he was so excited and so very proud to be an owner of this license. He recived it in his first week of Grade 5.

A recent Survey conducted by Bic found that 7 out of 10 parents thought handwriting was becoming a lost art due to technology.

The survey also found that almost 1 in 10 children learn to type on a computer at age three or younger. Maybe kids will receive their Printing license rather than there Pen License soon?

kids prefer to communicate with friends via text messages, email or Facebook than send a letter or written card.

But that got me thinking how young are kids when they own a mobile phone and are given access to Facebook? Do kids get a mobile’s before Pen Licenses?

Do you think kids are losing touch with hand writing skills and does that bother you consider technology is taking over?

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