Do as I say not what they (your brother and sister) do


Whether you like it or not new research shows that’s kids learn habits (the good and bad) from their siblings. So when your little one is watching in awe of the big brother doing dangerous flips on the Springfree™ Trampoline, be warned!

Academics say while parents are better role models in formal settings, children learn much of the informal ways of life, such as how to act ‘cool’ around friends from their brothers and sisters. It really does but a new meaning on ‘Mum, that’s so not cool!’

Although this seems like a no brainer (what monkey see monkey do), Professor Laurie Kramer said the findings might have an impact on how to tackle some of the social issues such as teenage drinking, smoking and pregnancies. He said having a clearer understanding if how siblings function as ‘agents of socialisation’ would help uncover why some children became antisocial.

Do you find your children learn most of their social habits from their siblings?

Source: New Directions for child and Adolescent Development

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