What are your kids favourite TV Shows?

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There is nothing better for kids than getting outdoors and playing on the Springfree™ Trampoline, but lets be honest we all need some down time. As a parent you can sometime’s feel a little guilty about your kids being in front of the box, but as research shows its not all bad.

Professor Anderson says children aged two and over may benefit from watching television but it depends on whether the content of the program matches the age of the child.

Research shows that educational television, such as Sesame Street, helps children learn the alphabet, learn to count and teaches them about good social habits (such as waiting your turn) and broadens their vocabulary and understanding of the world.

What do you think about TV and how much do you let your children watch?

When asking some of the mothers of the Springfree office, educational shows that got the two thumbs up include;

• Baby Einstein

• Finley the Fire Engine

• All for Kids- on Channel 7

• David Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries

• Special Agent OSO

As parents what shows do you encourage your children to watch?

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