Lay-by your way to Springfree heaven… All about our Lay-by Option

Jan 13, 2010

Many of you are just recovering from Christmas 09 whilst others are already thinking of Christmas 2010! Where to holiday? Whose side of the family should we spend Christmas day with but most importantly what to get the kids?

It’s always great to be prepared and many of our fans on Facebook are talking of getting The Worlds Safest Trampoline for Christmas (Great Choice!) so I thought it an ideal time to let everyone know about our fantastic Lay-by Option.

• You can Lay-by your choice of Springfree™Trampoline anytime throughout the year for a period of 12 months.

• We require a minimum deposit of $100 on the SF40, and $200 on all other models.

• Best of all – NO added fees.

How to place your lay-by Order?

To place your lay-by order just select “lay-by” on your web order or call our team on 1800 JUMP SAFE to arrange your lay-by over the phone.

It’s that easy! Before you know it (or your back pocket) you will be jumping on your very own Springfree™ Trampoline and your kids will love you for it. Imagine the faces when they walk outside to see what Santa dropped off! Priceless! May be something like this?




Find the right trampoline for your family.


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