kids Can Clean

I have a new role model. Ten-year-old Erin Lush loves to vacuum, tidy her room and wash the dishes. This is not joke and better yet she is disappointed when she misses her daily cleaning session.

Are you thinking what I am thinking B1? How do I get my kids to share her enthusiasm and spirit for cleaning?

Well Erin and her mum Shannon just wrote a book called ‘Kids can clean’ to show other kids that cleaning can be fun.

Her favourite activity is cleaning the bed mattress with a mixture of talcum powder and bicarb soda, rubs into the mattress and then hits it with a tennis racquet to create big clouds of fun. Genius!

Other ideas from this 10-year-old Martha Stewart include:

· Cleaning Olympics

· Pretending it’s a Science Test

· Play music and dance your way to a clean house

· The Hula Hoop method

Mother Shannon Lush says there has been a breakdown in passing of knowledge from generation to generation and many women today are unaware of cheap, efficient old-time remedies such as bicarb soda, vinegar, soap and eucalyptus oil.

So who’s rushing out to get this book of treasures to include in the Christmas stocking?

Just imagine the possibilities! Wake up, Kids clean the house before heading outside to jump on the Springfree™ Trampoline, while you sit back read the paper with a nice hot cuppa. Ahh bliss!

Kids Can Clean, Shannon and Erin Lush

ABC Books $14.99

Source: Courier Mail, Friday December 11


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