It’s an inner battle I have every year at Christmas – To Card or E-Card?


I do get excited when I get anything in the mail other than bank statements or a bill but I have to admit I see Christmas Cards as a bit of waste. They sit on my desk for a few weeks and then off to the recycling tip they go!

I read an article in the Herald Sun today that made me think a little more about giving the Traditional Christmas Card and what that means.

The last thing I want is for friends and valued suppliers to think Springfree Trampoline don’t really wish them a MERRY Christmas!

Melbourne Coach and Councellor Jacquie Wise made some very ‘Wise’ points suggesting that e-cards could be misconstrued as ‘cold and impersonal’.

She said that email is an excellent way to communicate but it’s not intended to replace the more personal ways of communicating.

It is A LOT easier to send an E-card avoiding the crowded shops and never-ending queue at the local post-office but it doesn’t make it any less meaningful. All it takes is for perception to change as I am sure it will over time but until then is the right thing to do to send Traditional Christmas Cards?

I am guessing a Facebook ‘Merry Christmas’ Status is not going to cut it just yet!

I would love to hear what you think and prefer to get as a Christmas Blessing? Card or E-Card?

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