Despite the millions of dollars the Australian Government has invested in health programs targeting kids, research shows preschoolers are getting fatter and less active.

Cheryl Critchley from the Herald Sun reported that a Melbourne Study of national data found the percentage of overweight or obese preschoolers rose from 20.6 in 2004 to 23.8 percent last year.

However it is not all bad news, children are eating healthier food options such as vegetables and fruits and drank more water last year. So why is the percentage continuing to rise?

Children are become more inactive watching much more TV. The percentage watching at least three hours each weekday rose from 19.8 to 24.3.

Active and healthy kids make for happy kids. So we put together some cost effective ideas to get the kids active in the backyard but away from the box.


1. Jumping on Springfree™ Trampoline. Kids love to jump and has so many health benefits.

2. Hopscotch

3. Hoola Hoops

4. Treasure Hunt

5. Frisby Fun

6. Skipping

7. Basketball Hoop in the backyard

8.Water Fight

9. Simon Say’s

10. Hide and Seek

What other fun ideas do you have to keep your kids active whilst at home?

Find the right trampoline for your family.


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