Emma’s Wedding Journey – Are you a Waltzer or a Booty Shaker?

Dec 04, 2009

Being gifted with two left feet, either way my first dance as a wife is going to be a rather entertaining one.

Whilst I love the thought of starting out slow and finishing with a bang (no pun indented) all I can foresee is a sore bottom and a lot of laughter – so what have I got to loose right….

There’s a whole variety of first dance options out there, from the old fashioned waltzing, to the new trend of breaking out into a pop and lock or hip hop frenzy, but for some reason I have always been drawn to any opportunity that involves a good old “surprise”, check out the inspiration…



Hmm, I wonder if our four left feet can learn to dance.

I’d love to hear if you’re a Waltzer or a Booty Shaker and any tips for teaching four left feet to dance?


Emma the excited Bride to be :)



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