The WILD Springfree SuperMums are hitting the streets of Sydney!

Want to win free Tickets to ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ as well as your chance to go into the draw to win a Springfree Trampoline for Christmas?


Springfree SuperMums’ have been let loose in Sydney! In our Shame-less/Full Lycra Suits (Don’t worry we have our Super Control slimming Knickers on), equipt our Aprons and wooden spoons we are on a mission… What Mission? Well you need to find us through the clues given to you via Facebook and Twitter.

You will be given 3 clues on your mission to find the Springfree SuperMums. Once you have worked out the clues and have located the roving SuperMums, you must quote “Jump, Jump, jump and away” and you will be rewarded.

So stay tuned, be on your Twitter, be on your Facebook for the first clue should you choose to accept?

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