Welcome to the world of wedding etiquette … 45 weeks and counting

Welcome to the world of wedding etiquette … With 45 weeks till the big day, I have recently been introduced to two words – Wedding Etiquette…


(Note to self: Even though I may be excited about my perfect wedding dress, one must refrain from sending a picture of my perfect wedding dress and I to others… sorry mum x!)

There are a vast amount of ideas, opinions and rules floating around when it comes to wedding etiquette, each sharing an aim to avoid hiccups on the big day.

From the traditional to the modern ideas of wedding etiquette, a lot of these ideas generally cover topics such as; who is invited, writing wedding invitations, who pays the bills, venue, speeches etc. (Uh-huh now I see why wedding planners are so popular)

I spoke with a couple of people regarding their experiences with wedding etiquette and what helpful tips they could pass on – here’s what they had to say;

Simone – “My daughter recently tied the knot and I found the biggest tip I could give would be keeping calm and showing respect to the other side i.e. his side”.

Paul – “The woman is always right”

Dianne – “Plan early and have everything organised well before the big day. That way you get a few days to relax and enjoy – stress free”.

The Mother – “It’s important to get all parties concerned with the wedding in a discussion about how they can contribute and what they can do to help. With the new modern times and blended families, the oldies don’t always know what the bride and groom expect or want unless you tell us.” (hint hint mum?)

Barbara – “Make sure the person responsible for the music, gets the music right. The last thing you want to be doing is to be walking down the aisle to the sounds of Devo’s Whip it”.


Tanya - “Run away! Elope! Take off like I did to a beautiful pacific island. Don’t tell anyone you’re going, have a fantastic private wedding on the beach, superb romantic honeymoon, and then tell everyone you’re married when you get home”.

I think Countrybride sum up a simple rule on wedding etiquette perfectly, “Wedding etiquette is never do or say anything that has even the slightest potential to offend.”

I would love to hear from you and wedding etiquette tips you’d like to share?

Emma – The excited bride to be

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