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Social Media is without doubt changing the way in which companies talk to their consumers. I had a very insightful day attending the Digital Marketing and Media Summit, listening to the journey of companies such as Cadbury, Nissan and Blackmores and their sucessful leap into the new media world.

These household brands all spoke of a common theme in their marketing strategies that being a shift from passive marketing to experiential marketing. Freddo the Frog does this brilliantly.

Freddo was losing marketshare not because of other chocolates in its catergory but from characters like Ben10. Everyone knows about Freddo The Frog but Cadbury had to engage and captivate the market once more by creating a personality that kids could interact with. The adventures of Freddo and the Time Machine has done just that. With entertaining episodes, problem solving games, games they can print out and take to school and personalisation applications they have achieved phenonmenal success, sharing simiallar click through rates to the Wiggles in a short period.

This strategy not only captivates the kids but also has mum hooked. Mums are always looking for educational yet entertaining ideas to keep the kids occupied and Freddo, the trusting, innocent and always friendly Frog is a great example of the power and entertaing capabilities of Digital Media.

Harry Potter also used the magic of Digital Media to launch its website. Instead of the traditional PR glitzy Launch inviting hundreds of people, they sent a digital clip to 7 main influential bloggers and within something like 38 hours over 35 million poeple were talking about it!

Australia is just starting to see the effect with new techonology always emerging. So whats next? What companies do you think do it well?

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