A day to Remember: My Experience Watching the Birth of My Beautiful Little Niece

Tia and me

Tia around 4 hours old and a very tired Aunty

I’m not sure if you noticed but I have not blogged in the last two days but I have a very good reason. My sister Leigh gave birth to my beautiful little niece and I was by her side from the start to finish.

I got the call from my sister at around 4:45pm on Tuesday 10/11, that she has started her contractions. I didn’t actually believe her at first as I had been waiting for this moment for 9 months and now it was here!

I raced straight over to her house and got everything prepared. Fruit, lollies, water, spare clothes and put everything in the car. At his point the contractions were around 20 minutes apart so we got to watch our favourite shows – Packed to the Rafters and Private Practice.

At around 11:30pm the contractions started to become closer together around 8 minutes so we thought we better start thinking about going to the hospital soon. I got really obsessed with timing the contractions and the space in between. It made me feel as though I was doing something helpful for Leigh. I looked like a footy coach with my stop watch around my neck yelling “It’s nearly over Leigh, 10 more seconds!”

At 12:00pm on the dot we made the decision to hope in the car and head to the hospital as the contractions were really revving up and were around 5 minutes apart. At that moment I thought she couldn’t be too far away now, in no time Leigh will be holding her little girl. How wrong could I have been?

Her contractions continued like this for another 5 hours! She tried it in the bath, in the shower, on the bed, on her knees but nothing made my little niece want to move any faster. She was a stubborn little thing! Leigh stayed at 7 cm Dilated for 5 hours without any progress so they made the decision to give her an epidural at around 9am on the 11/11. Yes that’s right we have been going now for around 16 hours!

The doc came in around 12:00pm and gave us the news Leigh needed – yep in the last 3 hours she has made her way down and Leigh could get ready to push. YAH!!! Leigh was not so excited. Her anxiety kicked in and she was so exhausted she didn’t know how she was going to push. Well she did. She had to wait until the Epidural wore off a bit so at 1:00pm she started to push. This went on for over 2 hours when the doc cam back in at 3:00pm and said its time for this little one to come out and he used the powers that technology has granted mothers and got her out.

Born at 3:34pm on 11/11 Tia Lee Campbell was just perfect, weighing in at a very healthy 8lbs 4oz.

Now 2 days old, I am amazed that she already has a nice calm little personality. She makes faces just like her mum and she is the apple of everyone’s eyes. Even the nurses keep saying how perfect she is (maybe they say this everyone but hey we don’t disagree)!

It was the most amazing experience of my life to watch the wonder that is Child Birth. So many people said to me that I won’t want to have kids of my own after watching the ordeal but in fact I feel the exact opposite. Yes it was hard and long work, but that moment when they lifted little Tia to Leighs’ chest was one of those moments that will never leave me.

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