Finding the ‘Perfect’ wedding dress

There are so many different types of ‘perfects’, that its no wonder some of us gals shed a tear or two trying to find our very own ‘perfect’ wedding dress!

In Google, the search for “how to find the perfect wedding dress’ lists 9,450,000 results of ‘perfect’ and 1,020,000 different opinions on ‘styles of wedding dresses’. Sheesh – make way for the cross-eyed confused bride.

I’ve heard the stories – the good, the bad and sadly the ugly and to my surprise my search was, well, I guess it was perfect. The first wedding shop I walked into and the second dress I tried on and ahh, there was my type of perfect! (Note to self – Avoid looking like a giant pink lolly-pop aka )


So to add to the 9,450,000 results on ‘how to find the perfect wedding dress’ here are some tips from some pals, my mum and a special wedding consultant called Samia – thankyou for my perfect!

  • Have an idea of your wedding venue and theme
  • Ask if there are particular dresses that will compliment your body shape
  • Look with an open mind – the dress you might never think to try on might just be your perfect!
  • Share the moment with someone special - it’s a magical moment when you try on your ‘perfect’, maybe all tears aren’t stressful after all
  • Once you have found your perfect, avoid trying on any other dresses

I’d love to hear your stories, stories you have found or any tips you would like to share for other brides to be in search of their perfect wedding dress. The good, the bad and the ugly all welcome J

Emma…. the excited bride to be….

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