Men are the new women in the underwear stakes!

Watch out ladies, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, Men are the New Women… Confused? It all started with the Mirdle also known as the Men’s Girdle.


Designed to smooth and slenderize the waistline, the Mirdle is the latest craze hitting Australian department stores and men love the shape they can achieve with the Mirdle, which is reflected in the under garment sales.

This new trend doesn’t really surprise me! With the “Metro Man” now the norm in modern society – isn’t this just an extension of their needs?

The Metro Man is defined by their security in their sexuality, sensitivity, intuition and penchant for grooming. Their interest in style and fashion (and figure flattering underwear) doesn’t make them feel any less masculine or any less heterosexual.

We have a variety of different type of personalities in the Australian Springfree™ Trampoline office so I was interested to see if any of the men here would wear the Mirdle?

Justin Sales Consultant aged 24

“I would wear it! If it took 5 years of your gut who wouldn’t?”

Paul – Spare Parts and Warranty late 30′s

“Yeah I would definitely wear it! What a great idea.

Aaron – Warehouse assistant early 30′s

“No, No, No…. Not this week anyway but things could change.”

Jason – Sales Consultant Sydney Late 20′s

“No – I might if I was bigger”

So there you have it! The Metro Man gets stronger everyday…

What do you think about the Mirdle? Or better yet are you wearing one now?


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