How do mums feel about their kids venturing abroad?

So, it’s no big secret I just returned from 7 months travelling… and the more I read the luckier I realise I was.

I’ve joked a little that I’ve been to some pretty dangerous spots, Caracas and Los Llanos in Venezula, Nairobi in Kenya… etc.

My mother is fortunately a good sport, and didn’t give me too much grief at the time, but talking recently I realised how worried she really was. And with good cause.

After hearing exhalations of ‘you went where??!!’… I had a hunt of the world’s most dangerous cities. Guess what, Caracas has arguably the highest danger rating in the world.

Then there was a recent travel story in the Sydney Morning Herald (a big paper over here in Australia) listing the top ten places you’re likely to be pick pocketed.

Shock horror – I’ve been to 8 out of the top 10. And the only reason I haven’t been to all 10 is I ran out of time to visit Madrid (which I’d paid for) and Buenos Aires which was on my original ticket, but I had to change as I couldn’t fit it in.


1. Barcelona, Spain

2. Rome, Italy

3. Prague, Czech Republic

4. Madrid, Spain

5. Paris, France

6. Florence, Italy

7. Buenos Aires, Argentina

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

9. Athens, Greece

10. Hanoi, Vietnam

I’m 26, and independent, but I travelled overseas first time alone at 16. Not being a mother myself, but seeing how happy my mum is to have me back in one piece, how do you feel about your kids travelling? Or having little ones, and knowing one day they will?

Kristen, Marketing Manager, SpringfreeTM Trampoline Australia

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