What Happens When Your Kid Flushes A Hat In The Toilet At School

I’m the proud mother of two very active and occasionally very naughty young boys. By the ages of 9 and 7 you think they’d be over the young naughty stage and start to take just a little more responsibility for their thoughts and actions. Well, one would hope and pray. Alas one Wednesday I received a phonecall from the school – my kids attend a rather proper Catholic school where nuisance is not easily tolerated – so you can imagine my horror when the head of religious education (also the deputy principal) rings me to advise my youngest darling has been involved in an “incident”.

At this point my mind is jumping between expecting the next sentence to include mumblings of his mutilated body dangling from some piece dangerous playground equipment and emergency services are on their way, through to the other extreme of him having thrown a chair at the teacher and has been duly expelled, sitting in the principal’s office awaiting my arrival.

Fortunately it was somewhere in between, but certainly the head of RE was not impressed. What had transpired was my 7 year old petal had gotten himself in a fight in the toilets and settled the matter by flushing the other child’s school hat in the urinals (are you getting the same vivid image at this point?). Trying not to laugh, I offered my profuse apology insisting I instill a suitable punishment and offer to purchase a new hat for the other child. Needless to say number 2 son was duly punished with the removal of Xbox, DS and Wii privileges for 2 weeks and removal of pocket money. Even removal of his most prized rewards had little impact on his behaviour or demeanor. Is it getting harder to find a suitable punishment for kids or is it just me? How do you find a punishment that works without resorting to “the strap” (what we got when I was a wee girl) ??

To those of you who have primary school aged kids – no doubt you could tell a similar tale of school yard goings on. If you have a similar story to tell, or a recommendation on punishment options – please share it with us…….

Blogged by: Tanya, Assistant Marketing Manager from Down Under and Mother of 2.

Friday 16 October 2009

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