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Reading the first line of news article ‘Blokes finally have a good excuse to head to the pub when their partner is pregnant’, I was trapped! When have Australian blokes ever needed a excuse to go to the pub?

I needed to read on to find out what qualifies as a ‘GOOD’ excuse to leave your waddling partner at home, tired and swollen, to go have a drink with the boys.

Then there was the word EDUCATIONAL… obviously this article was orchestrated by a group of men sitting around the poker table one night in a brainstorming session on how to get away from the hormonal wife…

What they were really talking about is a concept called Beers and Bubs – a 2.5 hour session aimed at men who are too busy to make ante-natal classes or find it hard to speak up in a clinical environment. The group discusses pain relief, birth etiquette and caesareans over a meal, beer or soft drink.

How do you feel about his concept? Good idea or lame idea? I asked some of the Springfree™ Trampoline mothers what they thought…

Trudie – Costumer Service & Mother of 4.

What a joke. If they have time to go to the pub why do they not have time to go to an Anti-Natal class?

Tanya – Assistant Marketing Manager & Mother of 2

I know my husband squirmed all the way through antenatal classes. I found often the men wouldn’t join in the conversations as they didn’t appear to want to share their feelings and thoughts in front of the women or perhaps felt they weren’t entitled to contribute as they weren’t as impacted by the pregnancy as the women. A male only group environment would enable them to share and discuss the experience from a man’s perspective, having the ability to be completely open and honest about their circumstances and learn the role a man can play in the pregnancy, birth, and then nurturing of the child – the men I know seem to feel lost and unable to contribute and they’re reluctant to discuss issues with their partner for fear of upsetting them or being misunderstood. They want to help, but have little idea how. Learning these skills can not only help them become more included in the process, it would benefit their partner greatly and encourage a more harmonious environment for the child – and its cheap therapy! Antenatal in the pub – what man wouldn’t go!

Leanne – Administration and HR Manager & 15 Weeks Pregnant

I do like the idea that they can feel comfortable in an environment and feel as though they can talk more freely. We are yet to start ante-natal classes but other fathers have already got my husband dreading some of the things he will have to sit through.

Blogged: Erin @ Springfree Trampoline Australia.

Tuesday 13 October 2009

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