A Homer Simpson Super food – the ‘donut burger’

WARNING: The images contained in this Blog may be disturbing to some.


I thought this piece about pure fat heaven would be appropriate to follow up with from my last blog about the epidemic of obesity.

Check it out, a bacon cheeseburger inside a glazed doughnut. Does anyone find this appealing?

With a total calorie count of 1,500 the Craz-E Burger was a real hit at recent fair in America’s Massachusetts, selling over 1,000 burgers.

But what I found I amusing was their description on their Fair’s Website;

“No single ingredient dominates the burger. They all complement each other with artistry expected from a celebrity chef.”

“The glaze smoothes over the burger and oozes into a foreign but delicious combination with the crisp of the bacon.”

Wow, we really can put a good spin on anything. Maybe fast food giants will pick this ‘creation’ up?

Would I eat this burger? No Way! I would be at the gym for months and no doughnut is worth that! Well maybe a Krispy Kreme..

Blogged: Erin from Down Under, ‘Good’ food lover.


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