It seems the economic down-turn is to blame for everything these days! According to Economist, Aussies are turning to junk and booze to save money.

Latest monthly retail sales figures reveal spending at take-away food and liquor outlets have seen are huge increase since last year with alcohol up 21 per cent and takeaway food up 17 per cent.

But could it just be laziness, or a new culture emerging of time-poor people? Why is everyone so quick to blame the state of economy?

The cocooning trend I understand, but whatever happened to the good ole’ home cooked meal. Nothing beats a steak on the BBQ, a garden fresh salad eaten in the surrounds of your home whilst watching the kids jump safely on the Springfree™ trampoline. (Like the plug?)

Have you found yourself opting for Take-away lately instead of a home-cooked meal?


Find the right trampoline for your family.

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