The Revolution in Baby Naming – Names need to stand out…to fit in?


You just need to spend some time in your local playground to notice the unique names of kids these days, but this phenomenon now has a name – ‘The Revolution in Baby Naming’. Gone are the days to give your kids common names such as Margaret and Jane - the challenge is on for parents to come up with new names to make their kids stand out in the playground.

Researchers from San Diego State University and the University of Georgia analysed the names of 325 million children born in 1880 or later and found just nine per cent of boys born in 2007 were given a “top 10″ name, compared with 32 per cent in 1955. For girls, only eight per cent had a top 10 name in 2007, versus 22 per cent in 1955.

According to Pamela Redmond Satran from‘s and co-author of 10 books on baby names, in another 10 or 20 years, to name your child Jennifer or Jessica, Jason or Justin will seem as outrageous as Gertrude or Myrtle today.

With popular culture paving the trend you just need to look at this year’s celebrity baby names to get a feel for the future. The question is how far can names really go? Nicole Richie named her kid Sparrow, Bono had a Memphis and of course no one can forget little Apple, child of Gwyneth Paltrow. And taking it right up a notch, ‘My Name is Earl’ star Jason Lee named his kid Pilot Inspektor! (What the??!)

But if everyone is trying to come up with fancy and outrageous name to stand out, won’t they all just fit in?

Canada‘s top girl names of 2008

1. Emma

2. Mikayla

3. Sarah

4. Sophia

5. Maya

6. Danica

7. Emily

8. Ava

9. Isabella

10. Lily

Canada‘s top boy names of 2008 (distils multiple spellings)

1. Ethan

2. Aiden

3. Lucas

4. Kaden

5. Jayden

6. Nathan

7. Logan

8. Noah

9. Liam

10. Jack

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