Bounce Away With Erin!

Getting down and personal with your Springfree staff

Name: Erin Walker

Position: Communications Coordinator

Best Part about Your job: Seeing all the cute kids faces light up when they jump on the Springfree. It’s a classic and their enjoyment is infectious.

Which Celebrity are you most similar to: Well that’s easy! Delta of course! Only because I want to be her in a different life!

Delta and Erin are great friends and go way back!

Delta and Erin are great friends and go way back!

What is your favorite quote or saying: Everything happens for a reason!

What’s the best thing you have seen online lately: Oh that has to be Beyonce’s performance on Saturday Night Live with Justin Timberlake. Very Funny and Justin looks great in tights!


What’s your jumping Tip: Mine is a little boring but it seriously a lot of fun – it involves Jumping onto your Bottom and then straight onto your belly. Not only does it get your heart rate up but gets your core working!

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